8 Undervalued Energy Stocks

Investors with a long-term horizons could give a look to Energy Industry.

As usual my interest is pointing toward quality companies with good fundamentals and competitive advantage.
Given the solid financial strength of many companies , these investments are good for dividend seekers too.

According a Value Line Report on Petroleum Industry, Oil Price above $50 a barrel provide some assurance that existing dividend will be maintained. 

In this research I considered the following criteria :

  • companies with solid fundamentals and good cash flow;
  • competitive advantage ≥ narrow;
  • trading lower than its  Price/Fair Value ( Fair Value Estimate is a Morningstar data point);
  • at least one criteria trading lower or in line with MSCI ACWI Energy Index ( Benchmark);

Here the result:

Good reading and do your own due diligence before investing. Thanks

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