Berkshire Hathaway : Cash Secured Puts

Berkshire Hathaway at this price is undervalued. Morningstar values this share at $240. Too much for me , but it well worth $220. I want to open a new position and available to own its shares under $200.Let’s give it a look.

Open Interest

Resistance @ 210 (OTM Call). A support @ 195 (OTM Put). Some small bullish sign under 204 (see ITM Call). I will try to stay 1 STD.


Big volume at 185 but scarce premium . I am going to enter at 190.

Conclusion : Feb 21, Sold 1 CSP Strike 190@0.84 Expiry March 1 , 8 DTE. Weekly Return 0.44%, AROI (annual return on investment) 20.4%

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