Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-B) : Cash Secured Puts

On Friday I opened my new CSP position on Berkshire Hathaway. I was a little bit unsure if open or not  cause scarce premium  but Berkshire is always Berkshire and for lot  investors it represents a benchmark. After I did my usual fundamental  analysis about the company I reached the conclusion that I could be interested to own company stocks under $150. Now is quoted $195. I don’t know if BRK will reach my target price for this reason I want to collect credit selling  put to lower my entry price. 
Let’s do a preliminary analysis about OI and Volume.

Reading these two charts I see it is not possible to buy under 1 STD . There is no volume enough and premium is inadequate.

Max Pain @200

FINAL CONCLUSION : STO 1 BRK-B CSP Strike $180@1,60 Exp. Feb 15, 2019

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