Cardano: a natural technology for banks and trading ?

I would like to resume what Jerry Yang said at Nikkei Innovation Asia Forum in Singapore :”Blockchain is a natural technology for banks and trading. If you look at U.S. institutions and banks, the kind of infrastructure that is being developed has long-term implications. For the technology to succeed, the question is can there be trust built? That can open huge amounts of doors»
The first Cryptocurencies appear in my mind are of course Ripple (XRP) and Stellar Lumen (XLM).

But surprise there is Cardano (ADA) too.
Earlier this week during one of the usual AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Charles Hoskinson, the hot question was about Cardano scalability and Hoskinson didn’t pull out. He explained with great lengths the topic of scalability.

Charles explains in the AMA that the IOHK team is working aggressively towards developing sidechains and parallel chains for Cardano (ADA). All these will converge into Ouroboros Hydra.  

With Ouroboros Hydra, Cardano will be in a position to handle upwards of 5k transactions per second, and compete effectively with the scaling capabilities of systems like Visa. With such capabilities, Cardano (ADA) would easily be one of the best systems ever built, and for good reason. It would combine high level efficiency with security and decentalization. This would see Cardano (ADA) become the platform that anchors a decentralized financial system, which the direction that the world is heading to. 

With such plans in the works, there is no doubt that Cardano (ADA) is a worthwhile investment for the long run. 

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