Crypto ETF , where we are.

Despite the delays and obstacles especially imposed by SEC , games are far from over. I think the sentiment is still positive around. Here a summary of the most important things happened:

1)  US politicians have sought to remove cryptocurrencies from the oversight of the SEC , which would free the industry up to build and flourish. Two congressman Warren Davidson and Darren Soto, are introducing a bill that would exclude digital currencies from securities classification and substantially improve the tax treatment for cryptos .

2) Ohio has taken steps to become the US hub of blockchain innovation even allowing taxes to be paid in Bitcoin.

3) ETF withdrawn cause government shutdown will be re-filed after government re-open.

4) The best news in my opinion is the Bitwise Asset Management and Nyse Arca application. Bitwise team has decades of experience in ETFs and John Hyland, Bitwise Global Head ETFs, was the chief architect of the first crude oil ETF USO and the first natural gas ETF UNG.The team announced that its ETF is different from the others because a regulated third-party custodian would store the bitcoins . Moreover the calculation of the price index will take into account the trading volume of the exchange used as references , giving importance to those with higher volume , avoiding the possibility of price manipulation using small volume exchange to control price artificially. What SEC need to alleviate its worries.
So dear investors, we need a deal of patience but at the end the result will follow.

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