Exxon Mobil: investing with cash secured puts

Together General Dynamics , on January 18 I opened a position with Exxon too.

“Exxon is one of the better operators and developers in the world, and its plan includes a high portion of operated projects, increasing the chances for success, in our view. Also, while oil prices are likely to be volatile during the next seven years, it can cover its spending requirements and dividends at $40/barrel, ensuring their safety.” (Morningstar report)

At $72,99 Exxon is undervalued. Under $70 I am available to own its shares. I start my preliminary analysis;

Open Interest

The first thing I note is a synthetic long stock @$70 (bullish sign). $70 is a support too.


Always @$70 there is the biggest calls (ITM) movement. 70 correspond  1STD too.

Max Pain

Max Pain @71
FINAL CONCLUSION :  Sold 1 CSP strike 70@0.34 Expiry Feb 1, 2019 (15 days) . Fortnightly Return on investment 0,4%, Annual Return on Investment 12%

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