Investing with Options 2 : Visa – Cash Secured Puts

On December 28, my  Visa  $130 CSP position   expired worthless.  Credit collected : $1.65. Closing price on Friday $130.94.Now I am ready to open a new position.
Before opening a new operation , I give a  brief look to OI and its Volume just to see where sellers and buyers are placed .

OI: I see a strong resistance @$144 but not a big and clear support. 

OI volumes are placing @$123 (possible support) and @$139. We will see where buyers and seller will put or move their bets.

Max Pain forecast around @$132

Greeks :

StrikeOptBid/Ask MeanIV%DeltaGammaThetaAlpha VegaRho

Final conclusion:
Visa market price $ 131,43 …STO 1 CSP , Exp. 02/01/2019  Strike $120 @1,65 , 1STD under the stock price.

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