Philip Morris International : Cash Secured Puts

 Feb 6, 2019 . Philip Morris International is my new entry. The company is undervalued and it own a formidable competitive advantage. Fundamentals  are really good and this price make it very attractive.At $70 I am available to own the stock. So I try to place my cash secured put near my potential entry price.
Let’s do our preliminary analysis.

Open Interest

Let’s see where buyers and seller place their trades. First significative support @$75 and 72.5 (OTM PUT) . There are lot of call ITM, this is a good long signal.
I try to put my order under 1 STD and I find a good point @71.00

Final Conclusion : On Feb 6 , Sold 1 Weekly PM Cash Secured Put . Strike 71@0.35. Expiry Feb 15 .Weekly Return 0.49% , Annual Return on Investment 19,9%

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