Massive December Ripple Trade Moves 90 Million XRP

Cryptocurrency may be known for keeping its users’ transactions private, but its users try to figure out their online neighbor’s activity at every turn. December proved no different when 90 million XRP coins moved from one unknown, unrecognized wallet to another unknown, unrecognized wallet. The official Ripple Inc. wallet was not involved.

The firm Whale Alerts posted to its official Twitter about the transaction which is valued at approximately $33.49 million USD. Since the transaction, numerous parties have attempted to violate the privacy of both parties to the transaction, attempting to obtain the owner’s names and other personal information. To Ripple’s credit, the fact that the transfer occurred and when it wrote the blockchain continues to be the only known fact. 

The same firm uncovered two other large transactions of XRP, one anonymous one for 30 Million XRP with an approximate worth of $11 million and one from a known address to Bitstamp for 51 million XRP.

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